Arrow’s OK Big Screen Debut

Gabi and her friends at the Oklahoma City Stockyards put together a special screening of the film that both Bryant and Jennie were able to attend. It was a special night to see themselves and Arrow’s story up on the big screen. The feedback we’ve gotten is that people are inspired by Arrow’s story andContinue reading “Arrow’s OK Big Screen Debut”

Arrow at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

We’re thrilled to share that because Arrow was so well received at Equus Fest, the organizers included it in their partnership with the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Our short will be part of a special selection available to Expo attendees. Next month in Denver: “New for 2022: EQUUS Film & Arts Fest Every horse hasContinue reading “Arrow at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo”

Check us out at Garden State Fest this Spring!

We got into our second festival! We’re very excited that it’s Garden State Film Festival because Gabi, Arrow’s person, grew up there so it feels very fitting. You’ll be able to see the film there this spring. Here’s more info: And here is the Winnie that we won for Best Wild Horse Short from EquusContinue reading “Check us out at Garden State Fest this Spring!”

Arrow Across the Finish Line

Arrow always wanted to compete in endurance races. It’s what he was built for. He finally got his chance with Gabi in his last years and was so proud to wear his ribbons and hear the cheering of the crowd. At last our documentary is finished! It’s being entered in film festivals around the worldContinue reading “Arrow Across the Finish Line”